19 March 2018

Take part in some or all of the Pendle 3 Park Challenge on May 18th!  Don't forget to pledge to do your mile here.

Not only will we be encouraging you to join us for one - or more - of our walks through and between three Pendle Parks, but we'll be bringing a couch along with us!

The 3 Park Challenge will start at Alkincoats park in Colne for a 10am rise and shine mile this being park 1 of 3. Meet us and the sofa at the Alkincoats park cafe at 10am.

Upon completion of the first mile the couch will be carried 1 link mile to the Boundary mill store in Colne. There is a mile planned around the perimeter of the store (shopping mile) which will take place at 12.00.  Meet us and the sofa outside the front doors of Boundary Mill at 12.00.

Following this the team will continue 1 Link mile to Swinden Playing fields where they will then do a mile around the Steven Burke cycle hub (any wheels will do) on adapted cycles and any other types of wheels at 1.00pm.  Bring any wheels you have to complete your mile around the hub.

Then its 1 mile to Barrowford Park Heritage centre where a (nature and heritage) mile walk, which will start at 3pm.  We're asking you to complete a mile with a partner, so bring a friend along!

Then we'll be taking the sofa 1 mile onto Seedhill athletics track for 1 mile around the track at 5pm where you can come dressed as your favourite sports star - whether that's a footballer, cyclist, athlete or netballer!

Finally a short walk to Victoria park with the sofa to the final mile which will take place at 6.30pm where you can come in any fancy dress you like.  Meet at Victoria Park cafe where we'll be waiting with our sofa!