Heart Matters

The British Heart Foundation have created a  range of suggested activities and things to do to help people become or stay more active

Here at the Up & Active team we have been supporting the British Heart Foundation delivering Blood Pressure Checks across Pendle. Here is some of their content to support you to be active during COVID-19.

Please note that if you have had a cardiac event and currently on your Cardiac Rehabilitation journey please ensure you have spoken to your GP, Cardiac Specialist or Cardiac Referral Officer before completing these Home Exercises.   


This leaflet is for people at risk of heart and circulatory diseases because they are not active enough. Getting your body moving is one important way to improve your heart health and the videos below can help you keep active.

Click this link to download te BHF Understanding Physical Activity Leaflet. 



Inroduction to Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home 



Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home | Level 1 Programme 


Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home | Level 2 Programme 


Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home | Level 3 Programme 


Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home | Level 4 Programme 


Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home | Level 5 Programme 


Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home | Seated Programme 




More resources from British Heart Foundation below 

Follow along to the BHF strength exercises video and try out these everyday alternatives to weights, in the comfort of your own home.

A lady doing a yoga-style lunge indoors
Top tips How to get active indoors

Dreary weather can make it harder to exercise outside. With help from experts Jayne Miller and Sarah Spuffard, Rachael Healy presents a guide to keep you moving without leaving the house.


A bag of apples
Video: Strength exercises using everyday objects

Follow along to our strength exercises video and try out these everyday alternatives to weights, in the comfort of your own home.


Armchair in a living room

Chair-based exercises

If you have difficulty standing or walking, it doesn’t have to mean exercise is out of the question. A specialist gives us some chair-based exercises you can try at home.

BHF Physical Activity Specialist Lisa Young
Video: Lisa’s 10-minute workout

BHF Physical Activity Specialist Lisa Young offers tips on how you can be active every day, and demonstrates a 10-minute workout you can do in your living room.


A woman doing chair yoga

Yoga exercises you can try at home

Try this chair-based yoga sequence for a taste of yoga in your own home.


5 seniors are shown how to do chair exercises
5 more easy chair exercises

For those with mobility issues, chair-based exercise is a great way to build your fitness. Personal trainer Hyde Phillips provides 5 easy-to-follow chair exercises.


Screen shot of Lisa

Video: 10 strength exercises to do at home

Keeping active will help you maintain your independence. Try these 10 simple activities to improve your strength and balance.


Elderly couple sitting at a computer

5 ways to spend less time sitting down

Research has shown that people who spend long periods of time sitting down have higher rates of heart and circulatory diseases, as well as diabetes. Follow our five top tips to help keep you moving throughout the day.


Bedgebury National Pinetum, Kent, in winter

Walking in a winter wonderland

When winter arrives, it doesn’t mean an end to enjoying the outdoors. Go outside and relish great health benefits and stunning winter scenery.

Group doing seated leg stretches
Living with a heart condition

The benefits of group exercise

Exercising in a group is an enjoyable and sociable way to get active again after a heart event. Katherine Woods hears how it's helped Mary and Alan make lasting friendships.


An elderly person doing some summer gardening

Tips on getting fit after a heart event

Keeping fit doesn’t just mean joining a sports club or signing up for a marathon. Simply building on activities that you already do can make a difference.

Stephen on his bike

Easing back into exercise after a heart event

With a heart problem, it can be hard to know how much exercise is too much. Our Senior Cardiac Nurse offers advice on where to start.

Close up of a person cycling

Can I still exercise with a heart condition?

We answer some common questions and provide expert tips around exercising with a heart condition.

A dog catching a frisbee in the park

10 things to do in a park this summer

Summer is the perfect time to get your friends and family to the park and get active with outdoor fun and games. Discover ten activities to do in your local park.

Matt Hardman swimming in a pool

Swapping running for swimming

Determined to stay healthy, Matt Hardman swapped running for swimming after his cardiac arrest.

Ruby Jones in a field

Ruby gets back into walking

With the right advice, exercise can be good for your body and mind. Claire Shaw hears how Ruby got back into walking after her diagnoses.

Couple walking in the woods, smiling, with a bulldog on a lead

Top tips for summer walking

Walking is a great way to exercise during the summer, and is an easy way to help you lose weight and become healthier.

Spin class

Quiz: Which fitness activity suits you?

Fitness classes or other types of activity can be a great way to help reduce your risk of heart disease. Try our fun quiz to give you some inspiration.

From office worker to active BHF hero

How to start getting active

It’s never too late to start being active. Follow these practical tips and do something you can be proud of.

Planning fitness activity on a calendar

6 tips for getting fit after 50

The benefits of getting fit when you're older can be huge, particularly if you've had heart problems. We've got 6 top tips to help you get fit later in life.

An image from our exercise animation

Watch: What happens when you exercise?

We all know exercise is good for us, but what actually happens inside your body when you get active? Watch our animation to find out, and read more about how exercise can help your heart.

Tai chi practice

Practising tai chi

Activities such as tai chi offer many wellbeing benefits. Find out why it's a great accompaniment to aerobic exercise.

Woman sweating after exercise

Fitness fact or fiction?

There’s lots of misinformation out there about when, where and how you should be exercising. We reveal the reality behind the fiction.

Chris Whittam doing karate

Karate after heart bypass surgery: Chris's story

Fitness enthusiast Chris Whittam tells Rachael Healy how his love of karate and the determination it creates helped him recover from heart bypass surgery

Phil Barr with friend Stuart

Taking up fencing after a heart attack: Phil's story

Heart attack survivor Phil Barr, 58, found that taking up fencing helped him get back in shape - just in time to walk his daughter down the aisle. He shares his story.

Lawrence Woodley

50 years of running with a heart condition: Lawrence's story

Lawrence Woodley’s been a keen runner for more than half a century. He tells Rachael Healy how he’s adapted his hobby to accommodate his heart condition.

Nicola Porter and friends at the finish of the Pier to Pier swim

Taking on swimming challenges for the BHF

Nicola Porter and Natalie Massey took on incredible swimming challenges to support the BHF. They tell Rosalie Starling how they prepared and what inspired them.

Sally Ginnever running

Improving your fitness may feel daunting, but the benefits can be huge. Rosalie Starling meets three people who haven’t let heart conditions stop them.

Natalie Massey with her Channel swim team

Swimming the Channel for the BHF: Nicola's story

Natalie Massey, 28, took on the challenge of swimming the Channel to support the BHF. She tells Rosalie Starling how she prepared and what inspired her.

Kevin Ibbertson out walking

Walking to get fit after 50: Kevin's story

Kevin Ibbertson, 58, found that his love for walking helped him recover after his heart attack. He shares his story.

Image of a map on a walking app for smartphone

11 free walking apps

Need some extra inspiration to get walking? Why not try one of these free walking apps for your smartphone? We've reviewed eleven of them.

Swimming pool

Swimming is a great way to get fit and build strength. Lifelong swimmer Ivor Pope tells Rachael Healy about the benefits.

A woman running in London

How can being active help you prepare for heart surgery?

Being active can help you prepare for surgery and improve your recovery. Rachael Healy puts common questions to two experts.

Stewart Prosser with his dog, Molly
Living with a heart condition

Walking after a heart attack: Stewart's story

Walking on the South Downs and listening to music helped Stewart Prosser find his way after a heart attack, as he tells Sarah Brealey

one you couch to 5k app

8 free fitness apps

Getting fit doesn't have to feel like a chore. We've compiled a list of our top free fitness apps that might even make you forget you’re working out.

Gary Glazerman


Our walking section contains all the inspiration and advice you need to get active in the great outdoors, whatever the time of year.

Lawn bowls

6 reasons to play bowls

Bowls is a social sport, suitable for all levels of fitness. Check out our six reasons why you should give bowls a try.

Top tips for being active every day

8 ways to get active every day

BHF Physical Activity Specialist Lisa Young offers tips on how we can make ourselves more active.

The MySwimPro app on iPhone

5 free swimming apps

Tracking your swimming progress is a great way to stay motivated. We've picked out 5 free apps to use on dry land that will encourage you to keep going when you're in the pool.

Colin Mallen on his bike


From practical tips to real life stories to beautiful places to ride your bike, our cycling section has everything for those who want to take to two wheels.

Martin looking out towards the mountains

How I returned to fell walking after heart problems

After a triple bypass operation, avid fell walker Martin Booth thought his walking days were behind him, but gradually returned to his mission to 'bag the Birketts'. He tells us how he did it, and reflects on the joys and challenges of hill walking.

Martin sitting on top of a peak

After heart bypass surgery, Martin started conquering the hills of England

After heart bypass surgery Martin started conquering the hills of England. He shares his motivational health tips along with his inspiring story.


6 reasons to dance your way back to health

Looking for a new way to get fit? There are lots of ways dancing can improve your health, whatever your age or ability.


Patrick Sawdon at the gym

Going to the gym to get fit after 50: Patrick's story

Patrick Sawdon, 64, has made exercise a big part of his life since joining a gym after heart bypass surgery nine years ago. He explains the impact going to the gym regularly has had on his health.

Man standing by river shore with big red bridge in the background.

Dave walked back to health 'one step at a time' after a heart attack

Dave Altoft's story shows how walking can be a great way to improve your health after heart problems - and walking can be addictive!

Running for the BHF

How to get running

Want to take up running? Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Running strava app

The 7 best free running apps

Running is a great way to get fit and shed a few pounds. We've picked our favourite free running apps to help you reach your goals.

Helen Doyle training for the London Marathon 16 months after surgery

Returning to running after heart problems – Helen's story

Hitting the road can give you time to think and a sense of achievement. We meet Helen Doyle whose running goals kept her recovery on track.

Table tennis bats

Why you should take up table tennis

A sport with worldwide appeal, table tennis can be played by all ages and abilities, even after a heart event. Find out how to get involved.

Playing table tennis near Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes

10 strangest places to play table tennis

You don’t have to be in a community centre to play table tennis. We’ve tracked down 10 free tables in exciting locations around the UK.

Choosing the right running shoes


Whether you’re taking up jogging for the first time or training for a marathon, our running section has all the inspiration and information you need.

Brian King

Walking football after a heart attack – Brian’s story

Even if you can’t run like as you used to, football can still be an option. Learn how Brian King set up a walking football team after his heart attack.

A dog with its lead outside a house

9 surprising walking activities

Walking is a great way to get active - it's fun, flexible and free. But if you're looking for something more unusual than a stroll in your local park, check out our guide.

cardiac rehabilitation at gym

How do I start exercising again after a heart attack or heart surgery?

It’s good to stay active after a heart attack or heart surgery, but where do you start? Sarah Brealey shares tips from cardiac rehabilitation experts.

Choosing the right running shoes

Choosing the right running shoes

It’s important to invest in a pair of proper running shoes if you want to start training. This advice will help you find the right trainers.

Chris Courtenay Williams

Playing football after a heart attack – Chris’s story

When Chris Courtenay Williams had a heart attack, he feared he’d have to quit his favourite game. He tells us how he got back to playing 5-a-side..

John Roberts - Long distance walking

John's long distance walk

A heart attack didn't stop John Roberts doing long distance walking. Learn how he fulfilled a lifelong dream and conquered Offa’s Dyke.

The Dyfi estuary seen from the Ceredigion Coast Path

Long distance paths

Long-distance paths provide some of the best ways of exploring the stunning landscapes of the British Isles. Here's a guide to some of our favourite National Trails and other long distance paths around the UK.

Iconic cycling photos

17 of the best cycling photos

Get inspired to get on your bike with our selection of some of the world's greatest cycling photos.

Using the stairs

Get fit for free

Keep active following these 9 ways to shape up that will cost you (almost) nothing.