24 July 2019

Claire hit rock bottom after being hospitalised with cellulitis, and the shock of her illness inspired her to change her life. She was referred to the Up and Active team by her doctor and started her journey in September 2018. Claire found she was out of breath from walking from her car to the reception desk and struggled badly with stairs. Claire used the toning beds in the Feelgood Suite and started to lose weight. By the end of her term on Up and Active, she decided to join Hyndburn on a full membership, incorporating classes and the toning beds. As the weight continued to drop, she moved into the gym as she felt she could do more. Now, Claire does 11 classes a week, swims and has sessions in the gym.


In her words: At my worst, I resigned myself to dying younger. I didn’t think I could lose the weight I dreaded the thought of exercise, after my illness, I was shocked into realising I didn’t want to die and I knew I needed to change. I thought the gym was full of really fit people, there are fit people in the gym but there are a lot of people who are on their own journey too, the gym is a place for everyone. Now, 6 and a half stone down (nearly7!) I am in control, I feel that weight loss is achievable for me. I’ve developed a love of exercise and the staff and instructors keep me motivated and I just love it. I’ve started to ignore the scales too, I know even if it takes me 3 years to do it, I will get there in the end.


I just hope my story inspires someone to get off the sofa and to transform their life.