02 June 2016

Diane was referred on to the Weight Management scheme by her GP at Burnleywood Medical Centre after a pre-op blood test identified she was pre-diabetic.  

Diane’s starting weight was 12stone 9lbs (BMI 30), size 18.

Diane started her 12 week programme in April 2015.

Diane attended leisure facilities, accessing weekly weight management healthy eating workshops and weigh-ins. In addition, she attended three activity sessions each week; gym and aqua mix classes. Both Diane and her husband have become members at the St Peter’s Centre and continue to attend sessions delivered by the team.

Diane has now reduced her weight to 10st 3lbs, she has lost a total of 34lbs (BMI 23.9), 19% of her original body weight and is now a healthy size 12 and is working towards her target weight of 9st 4lbs.

Diane has seen a significant improvement when walking. She used to get tired very quickly, even when going in to town shopping, however, she is now able to walk with ease for 2 hours. Diane and her husband have bought bikes and are also looking forward to getting outdoors to exercise.

Physical Activity

Diane and her husband's new lifestyle has had a positive effect on their three children aged 18, 20 and 23, they are eating much healthier and are looking to extend their couples membership to a family membership in January, to enable them to exercise as a family.

Being a shy person, Diane’s main concern before coming on to the programme was the thought of wearing a costume and exercising in a gym for fear of it being full of fit and slim people. However, with encouragement and support from Healthy Lifestyles she overcame these barriers. Furthermore, she has bought new clothes to show off her trim figure and ditched her baggy clothes.

Well being

Diane recently lost her mother and she feels coming on to the programme has also given her the escape she needed. She feels her confidence has improved and that all areas of her life are better, she feels her energy levels have increased by 75%, and reports she is sleeping much better.

Both Diane and her husband are happy to report feeling healthier and happier since being referred on to the programme.

Changes in diet

Diane feels that making small changes to her diet has resulted in a gradual weight loss, which has enabled them both to change their eating habits and lifestyle.  Changes to their diet include; changing to wholemeal products, reducing portion control, soups for lunch instead of sandwiches, cut out biscuits and sweets. 

Quote from Diane

‘The whole experience has been positive, from the receptionists making me feel really welcome, to the tutors encouraging and supporting me to overcome my barriers. I have totally changed my lifestyle as a result of coming on to the Weight Management programme.’