Try Tai Chi for Summer Well-being

24 May 2016

To launch the new summer programme, Lighthouse Tai Chi are providing a free tai chi session on Friday 3rd June at 7pm at Pendle Wavelengths.


Instructor Dave Pelling says “this is a good time to join our friendly and relaxing Friday evening unwind session, as we begin a new form and start at the beginning of the summer programme. The focus is on unwinding and letting go of stress so you can enjoy your weekend, but tai chi is also a great way to cross-train, developing tendon and joint strength to boost other exercise activities.”


Tai chi is a mindful and pro-active way of taking control of your health and a great way of ending the week and re-energizing for the weekend. Based on Traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, tai chi can boost the immune system, increase energy levels and give a wonderful sense of well-being to give you that holiday feeling all year round.


Please wear loose fitting clothes and flat clean shoes, eg plimsolls or bare feet if you prefer. No rolling around on mats or getting sweaty before a night out. A willingness to try and a good sense of humour are all you need to get Up & Active.


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For further information  Tel: 0787 637 7321