Adult Weight Management Courses

You may feel your weight is an issue and unsure what you can do about it. Weight Management is a self-referral programme which is open to anyone 16 years and over. Daytime and evening classes are available.

We know that losing weight can be hard.  Whether you’ve been advised to lose weight to improve your health, or just want to feel better about yourself, the Up and Active team in East Lancashire can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The courses are free

We also offer a heavily discounted membership package. For an extra £30 for 12 weeks, you will receive a gym membership, entitling you to go swimming, and try out various exercise classes to suit all abilities, both with your local leisure provider and across East Lancashire, as part of the Active Network.

These activities are supported by online resources and information to help you reach your goals. By using the

weight loss apple    NHS weight loss guide,

  weight food chart  Calorie Chart

The Up and Active team has extensive experience in providing weight management sessions, including gender specific classes. The weekly sessions take place in community venues such as leisure centres, schools and community centres.

The Weight Management Group programme runs for 12 weeks and provides you with the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. Each session will last for up to 2 hours and will include interactive weight management, information and fun activities.

The programme provides:

  • Structured weight loss programme based on calorie control (1400 women/ 1900 men)
  • Calculates BMI (which will also calculate personal calorie intake)
  • Structured weekly health topics WK1 -12
  • Evidence based guidelines
  • Links to Healthy Recipes (recipe finder)
  • Weekly Action plans
  • Tips/ Did you know?
  • Links to 5-10 minutes exercise/ stretch/tone video clips
  • Online forum chat (followers 30,499/ 13,388 posts)
  • Calorie counter (access to 150,000 foods)

Examples of topics covered: 

  • Fad diets/bariers/motivation
  • Portion size/food labels
  • Eatwell guide/meal planning
  • Activity tasters
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Maintenance

How do I benefit?

  • Increasing your activity levels will prevent you from developing many chronic health conditions, including the UK number one killer Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity
  • Eating a healthier diet helps prevent against one third of cancers that are attributed to poor diet and nutrition
  • Being active and eating a balanced diet also helps lower blood pressure. Decreasing your diastolic blood pressure by 2 points can reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease by 9% and a Stroke by 16%
  • Regular physical activity helps to alleviate anxiety, stress and depression, improving positive mental health and increasing social inclusion
  • By achieving a healthy weight you can increase your life expectancy by 11 years more than if you were severely overweight.

If you are not sure, or require any more information on these specialist programs, please contact us or to register for a programme