Ali Baksh C25K

06 January 2017

I came across the Up and Active website whilst doing some research on gyms and getting back into some sort of activity to keep fit. Having gone through the list of different activities I opted for the Couch to 5K programme at Seed Hill in Nelson. I always wanted to run but previously never thought I'd be able to and didn't have the courage to do it as I thought it would be beyond me now, especially at the age of 44! I thought to myself go for it, there is nothing to lose but so much to gain!

 On my first day arriving at Seed Hill I was a little apprehensive but seeing so many people of different ages there too wanting to do the same thing, I became more relaxed and was looking forward to it. Everyone was friendly and at the same time we were all a little uncertain if we could run. The volunteers who had already been through the Couch to 5K programme encouraged all of us and told us not to worry.

 The whistle was blown to signal the start of this wonderful programme, and was blown at every session throughout the programme (three days per week) by a nice lady called Verity who, along with other volunteers, made the journey so enjoyable. Every session became easier and I was pleasantly surprised at how the running was becoming easier after each one. I now looked forward to every session. Previously I had never thought that I'd be able to run at all, and definitely not five kilometres. When I did complete the programme it was a special day, running my first 5K. I continue to participate in the 5K parkruns on Saturdays

 I have made so many friends through the C25K journey, many of them who started with me. I continue meeting new people and making so many new friends through running. The programme was run by Trawden Athletic Club. I decided to join the club and I ran my first 10K at the Burnley Fire Station event, it was a memorable day and my family were there to cheer me on too. It felt great! I plan to run in many more races, it's not about the time but the fact that I CAN run, and at the same time enjoy it. In the near future I am planning to do a half marathon and then a full marathon. Running has enabled me to lose weight and get fitter. I now fit into clothes that I haven't been able to wear for years.

 The programme is for everyone. All you have to do is make a start!