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Welcome to Up & Active. Here you’ll find loads of ideas on easy ways to help you get up, get out and get active!

We are here to let you know about all the great activities that are going on in your area with our “Activity Search” section and to also allow you to register to become a part of the Up & Active network of activities and to be able to attend, track and monitor your progress via our easy to use bar code system

In our ‘Activity’ section you’ll see that there is a whole host of activities going on in your area and that physical activity can be fun and enjoyable. Most of us are doing some form of physical activity without even realising. So what do you currently do, and how can we help you do a little bit more? For inspiration, check out “the most popular activity” section to see what others are doing in your area, keep up to date by ‘subscribing to our mailing list’, viewing our latest ‘News’ and events. If you’re still to be convinced, then you could join the crowds and ‘Take a Challenge’ by signing up to one of the many local or national mass participation events. Alternatively, you can learn about the wide range of opportunities for ‘Volunteering’ or ‘Courses / Training’, available in the local area.

Most importantly make sure you register yourself and get your own personalised barcode to give you free access to many activities. All Up & Active activities will automatically update your profile with the activities attended and you will also be able to log any other activities you take part in, the level you work and how long you’re active for so that you can keep track of your progress and help to keep you motivated and then Each week you’ll see just how active you’re becoming. You too will be part of the Up & Active Experience when you Get Up. Get Out. Get Active!