Michael - Rossendale

27 July 2018

Michael, 76, joined Up and Active to help improve the arthritis in his knee, but gained a lot more besides.

I joined up and Active because my consultant advised me to strengthen my leg muscles due to suffering from an arthritic right knee, which may require a knee joint replacement operation.  I have lost 5lb in weight on the programme and enjoyed trying different activities such as circuit lite, swimming, walking and the supervised gym session.

Changes made

My instructor helped me with my diet and I have made many changes, I have cut out two large tablespoons of sugar in my porridge each morning and have replaced this with fruit and nuts, and I have also reduced the amount of sugar I have in tea and coffee.  Also, I regularly baked my own bread and had homemade jam with it, but have learnt whilst on the programme about a healthy balanced diet and have reduced my portion sizes.  I am able to spend longer gardening  and I now walk the dog instead of having someone else walk him. 

I now cycle for 30 minutes at Level 6, when I started on Level 3 I could only cycle for 15 minutes; I feel healthier.  My wife has commented on my positive mood and she now cooks more fresh meals instead of ready-made meals.

The programme is not tying because you can attend whenever you like and it’s a friendly atmosphere.  I have recommended Up and Active to a neighbour who is on the scheme now and also enjoying it.