08 December 2016

Eleanor joined the Up and Active team in Burnley in October 2015 after the loss of her husband and suffering from depression.

By chance, a practice nurse suggested she contact the team in Burnley.  She started by meeting one of the team who discussed her options and described the classes to her:

I started with weight management.  The group therapy was excellent.  I was able to join in discussions and listed to other peoples stories about diet and nutrition.  I also started losing weight.  The support the whole group got from Michelle was amazing.  I started looking forward which was great progress.  'Fitsteps' at the Mechanics with Marie was a very happy class.  The exercise was fun and enjoyable.  I made new friends there.  The gym came next.  Rebecca introduced me to all the machines.  All modern, a far cry from the little gym at the Thompson Centre where I had spend many hours in the '70s.

'Keep fit to Music' was just that, except it was more.  Action packed, great fun and another chance to meet new friends.  Michelle makes everyone at the class feel special.

First and foremost, I feel very pleased with myself.  I have lost over a stone in weight, I have learned so much from weight management.  It was really the base for everything else.

I visit the gym three times a week and do two classes.  I feel more confident, have loads more energy and I have made new friends.  My family tell me they are proud of me, I have left the dark place and have moved forward.

In conclusion, the people who have helped me get back to a place of normality will be competely unaware of their strengths and qualities.  To them, I say a great big thank you.