08 December 2016

Jackie joined the Up and Active programme in Hynburn in July 2016 after weighing herself on holiday and deciding she needed to lose some weight.

It was at the end of my holiday when I was weight my case for the journey home I decided to weigh myself, to my horror I weighed 124kg, so I decided as soon as I got home I had to take some action.  As I was checking through  my post I found a leaflet for Up and Active so I checked it out on the web and made a phone call, it was that simple.

We joined an Up and Active class in our local area and enjoyed the weekly meetings, especially the exercise class after the talk.  The trainers introduced us to Yoga/Pilates which we both enjoy and we now go to yoga classes, which I find help loosen my stiff joints and improve my posture.

At first I thought I wouldn't be able to do any exercise as I have arthritis in my knees which can be very painful when walking and standing.  I had given up going shopping and going out with my friends and would stay in and sit on the settee and watch TV all the time, my partner was very good and he was a big help to me cooking, cleaning, etc.  We would talk about our future dreams and we both want to go travelling to Australia in the next year to see my family, but I knew I wasn't fit enough to travel with all the weight I was carrying and my bad knees.

It has only been 3 months and I have lost 20lbs.  I feel much fitter, I go to the gym regularly and aqua jog, and now I go shopping and walking.  I still get sore knees but they are getting stronger and less painful.  I am also more active around the house.  I will be continuing with my fitness as I still have a way to go.

Since joining Up & Active we have been on holiday again, but this time instead of just lying round the pool I joined in with the aqua aerobics class, went to the gym a couple of times and went for walks and didn't stuff my face all the time.

We have both now become full time members of the gym and have been going 5 days a week - we have the weekend off and do our own thing.  I don't enjoy it but I am glad when i put the effort in and get the results.  My friends and family can notice a change in my appearance, which makes me happy.  I had to visit the practice nurse at the doctors and she was very impressed with my acievement so far.  Also, I was told by my partner I snored and now this has stopped altogether and the heartburn I used to suffer from at night has also gone.

If I hadn't taken any action, I would still just be sitting on te settee doing nothing and just getting bigger and bigger.

Thankyou to all the Up and Active team for your support.