26 April 2017

Hi my name is Brent. I am a 49 year old male with a condition called dyslexia spastic paraplegic.  I have had this from birth.  I joined Up and Active after my practice nurse suggested I enrole on the programme as I wanted to lose some weight and as a way of meeting people.  My life is a little lonely and not having many friends, I wanted to try to mix more and gain some muscular strength in my legs.

I find it very difficult to walk and get very tired even before I reach the gym, but I have thrown myself into this programme with everything I’ve got.  I sit down most of the time as I’m very good with computers and it’s a big hobby of mine, so getting active was something I needed for both my wellbeing and to help me walk better. 

From Week 1 I met Michelle who weighed me each time and I found I did really well and lost weight most weeks.  I call Michelle “Number One” I can talk to her and with her encouragement I have attended every week.  I was worried as I am pre-diabetic but with my new regime and healthy lifestyle I hope it’s kept at bay.

Attending the gym 3-4 times per week has made me feel so much better and I’m enjoying the routine of exercise in my life again.  I’ve lost 10kg i.e. 22 pounds.  I’m eating better and smaller portions.  The improvement is with my life as a whole and I feel I have overcome the fear I had of coming to a gym as I previously hadn’t seen any other disabled people in there.

Becks in the gym has helped me with progression and I have gone on to become a Clear Member and maintain my weight loss.  I have really enjoyed my 12 week programme,  it’s helped me so much and I have proved that it doesn’t matter what your disability you can achieve anything.