04 July 2017

I was recommended to join Up and Active by my physiotherapist  as I was overweight, suffered lots of back pain due to prolapsed discs in the past, had sore joints, my mood was low and I was drinking too much alcohol too.  Furthermore, my cholesterol was too high and I have an underactive thyroid.

From being totally inactive at the age of 57 I started attending Up and Active every week and began exercising in the Feel Good Factory (FGF) twice a week and swimming once a week.  I now attend the FGF five times a week and swim four times each week.  I have recently taken out an annual FGF membership at the St Peter’s Centre.

I have more energy now, I’m happier in myself and my mood has lifted.  The back and joint pain is still there but is easing slightly.  I feel healthier, happier have lost weight and now only drink alcohol now and again when I socialise.

My diet has changed over the 12 week programme; I have swapped refined foods to wholemeal, cut back on red meats, replaced with the lower fat alternative such as turkey mince and introduced good nutritious foods such as quinoa. I also watch my portion sizes and can now wear clothes two sizes smaller!  I have told others and recommended Up and Active to friends who are worried about being overweight and unfit.

My cholesterol review appointment is due soon, so I’m looking forward to finding out my new readings.