22 November 2016

Terry from Hyndburn has written a testimonial about the cardiac class he attends there.

The cardiac rehabilitation programme is first class in every way.  Marie, Mark and Zuba always have lots of time for you, they advise you throughout the class if you are feeling breathless, etc.  They provide chairs and alternative exercise for those who cannot stand for long periods.  They are most helpful in administrative ways as well as physical exercise; one of them walks among you throughout the exercise sessions coaching you and advising you if you require it. 

The classes are quite informal and fun, but they can be totally serious and professional as required.  I have found the sessions very beneficial to my health and I look forward to attending.  When tested after three months, I could walk 380 metres further than when tested at the commencement of the course. 

In conclusion, I would like to stress how good the staff are and their willingness to help in any way is very commendable.  The sessions are not only beneficial to our health, but enjoyable and fun to partake in.  Long may they continue.