03 October 2017

Jean is 62 years old and has asthma which is under control. She writes: I joined Up and Active as I had been gradually putting on weight and felt bloated and uncomfortable, which made me feel down.  When I saw my Christmas Day photos I had to do something.  I weighed 13st 2lb.  I tried to lose weight on my own but struggled and then a lady I know told me about Up and Active.  I was nervous about making the call and going to the first class but I had no need to worry at all as Natalie the session leader was very welcoming.  I weighed in at 12st 5lb.

Weight Loss

I started the 12 week programme on 27th February 2017 and lost 11 pounds in weight, I weighed 11st 8lb at the end of the programme.  Pleasingly I have lost a further 8lb and I’m aiming to be 10½ stone going forward.  I attend gym classes 2-3 time a week,  go to Fitsteps once a week and I’m still working up to spinning classes!  I have now had a personal gym programme produced to help shift the weight from around my middle and to improve upper body strength.

Improved fitness

The benefits have been enormous.  I now walk to and from work 4 miles a day, I struggled at first but not now.  I can jog happily on the treadmill and am putting in bursts of running to continue to improve my fitness.  I feel happier because I have lost weight but also because I am fitter; I breathe better and am healthier.  The programme has taught me how to keep track with my eating habits; I eat healthier and enjoy food more!  My family and friends have been very supportive and complementary about my weight loss, which helps me to stay motivated.

I would definitely recommend Up and Active to others and have recommended  a friend to sign up.  The Up and Active Team are always helpful and supportive, If you struggle in any way they will offer advice and encouragement, and look at your food diary to help you make adjustments.