Mo Boden C25K

06 January 2017

I started a  Couch to 5K in July 2015. I was approaching 69 and a friend  had recommended the course at Seed Hill running track in Nelson. It was being run by Trawden  Athletic Club. I found the nine week course well organised and welcoming to all – different ages, abilities, shapes, sizes, etc. Some people were first time runners, some wanted to get fit, some to lose weight, some to get back into running after injury or after having a baby. Some, like myself, just wanted to give running a try.

 After completing the nine weeks and just about managing to run the 5K, not in 30 minutes, but with the help of Ruth from Trawden AC who ran with me and provided the right mix of encouragement and persuasion, in around 45 minutes.

 Since then I returned to repeat the course this year, after an injury. I now run regularly and have completed many parkruns getting good times and have become a member of Trawden AC. I have taken part in a few club races as my confidence has grown, and have also completed four 10K races this year. I am currently training for a half marathon in London in March 2017.

 Running has become a part of my life and I have met so many people of all ages through running. I have friends I met through Couch to 5K and regularly run with groups of them in local areas.

 Apart from the social side, the health benefits are very positive. My general health and fitness has improved. I feel much healthier and have also lost over a stone in weight. Sometimes running in the dark, in the cold with the rain pouring down I wonder "Why on earth am I doing this?” The answer is always "Because I love it!"