Tracy - Rossendale

27 July 2018

Tracy was referred to Up and Active by the Cardiac Rehab team to help her recover from pacemaker surgery.

I have high blood pressure and had a pacemaker fitted in May 2017 due to intermittent 2:1 heart block. Following this operation, I experienced complications causing breathlessness and chest pain, and became physically inactive.  I was referred to a cardiac specialist nurse who referred me to Cardiac Rehabilitation at Burnley General Hospital. 

Following rehab at Burnley General I was advised to continue exercising with Community Cardiac Rehab through the Up and Active programme.  I started January 9th at Marl Pits and completed a 12-week programme of supervised gym and circuit, and health education sessions.  Upon completion of this programme, I attended the mainstream 12-week Up and Active programme.

Changes made

I have gained confidence knowing that I can exercise safely and push myself without feeling frightened.  Due to the fear of exercising I gained weight as I was inactive for several months, however, I am pleased to report that I have lost the weight gained, a total of 9kg. I also walk the dogs instead of my husband walking them. I have returned to work full-time and resumed all daily activities, which has positively influenced all of my family. 

I would recommend the Up and Active programme to others because it has really helped me, by coming to a supervised session it motivates you to attend and work harder.  In addition, the programme has been socially and educationally helpful.