02 June 2016

Laura self referred on to the programme for support in losing weight.  Laura had accessed a few years previously but it had not been the right time.

Laura has increased her physical activity levels by attending aqua mix and swimming sessions at St Peters Centre, she started with attending just one session a week and increased this and now comes four times a week and has seen significant improvement in her overall fitness levels. When Laura started the programme she could only just manage a few lengths swimming in the pool and now she swims 44 lengths on each swimming session. Laura has also increased her walking, before she always used to rely on buses but now walks to town and to St Peters Centre for her exercise classes.

Weight Loss

Laura’s starting weight of 22 stone 8lbs has now reduced to 17st 11lbs.  She has lost 67lbs, or 21.2% of her original body weight.  Laura had a BMI of 54.5, now 12 months after starting her BEEP programme her BMI is 43 and she continues to lose weight steadily every week.  Laura has gone from a size 26 to 18 in clothes.

Well being

Laura suffers with Bipolar and thought her biggest barrier to completing the programme would be her mental health issues which had a massive impact on her confidence and self-esteem, at some points resulting in suicidal feelings.  She has found the programme has helped overcome her issues, Laura says she now feels much happier in herself and hasn’t had suicidal thoughts for a long time.  Laura says she now feels less stressed in general and has met new friends on whilst on the programme who have really supported her in her weight loss journey.

Changes in Medications

Lauera has reduced the doseage of one of her anti-depressant medications.

Changes in diet

Laura has made significant changes to her diet and now eats more sensibly, has reduced the amount of takeaways and is more conscious of portion control and calories and still attends the weight management health topics and weigh-ins as one of her continuation classes just to keep on track.

Laura feels like she is really starting to understand the importance of healthy eating and has now swapped high fat/sugar snack for healthier options like yogurt and fruit especially at her bedtime snack.

Quote from Laura

‘My friends now comment on how proud they are of me, I feel loads more confident now and I am so proud of myself for getting somewhere this time, I couldn’t have done it without the support of the programme and the weekly weigh in’s to keep me on track.’