New Up and Active School Programme Launched

09 November 2016

The Up and active teams across East Lancashire are now rolling out free 6 week schools education and activity packages to all Primary schools.

A spokesman for the programme said “we are offering to all year 3,4 & 5 primary school pupils free sessions to help encourage a more active and healthier lifestyle. This is been done alongside the work of the school games organisers in each of the areas. The packages can be either in curriculum time or be an after school family session. We hope that all schools will take up this great offer and then we can make a real difference and create a healthier younger generation”

The roll out of the programme follows a successful trial of the new schools Up and Active programme in Rossendale which received some very positive feedback  (please see below)

It's Nadya Carter from Thorn Primary School. 

Jane has just completed the Family Programme and I wanted to send you some feedback.  Firstly, Jane did a great job; she was well organised and had a lovely manner with both the children and parents. She was always enthusiastic and the families thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. 

Jane was quick to adapt activities whenever she needed to in order to suit the needs of the group. She made full use of our outdoor sports/recreational resources and the group responded well to this, in fact some of the families booked onto our golf course and play area after school on other occasions because Jane had promoted the facilities so well.

I'm sure that Jane has already given you feedback from the children and the parents/family members and I know that she welcomed that because she said that she has already used their comments to plan for future sessions.

Secondly, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in the programme. Even though we have only been able to reach out to a few families, it has been worthwhile and rewarding to see families enjoying learning and being active together.

We would love to take part in the programme in the future,

Nadya Carter