Judith T

18 May 2017

Judith joined the Up and Active scheme to lose weight and get fitter.   Here she reviews the service in her own words:

"My experience of the service was very good indeed.  It is many years since I did any aerobic exercise, and I was unsure what to expect.  I was given very clear instructions and a graded programme to help me start at an appropriate level with a progression option.  I have followed that and have noticed a gradual improvement over the 12 weeks. 

Initially I found 1 minute on the cross-trainer a challenge!  I can now do 10 minutes and can increase the levels during that.  It is very helpful to have the trainers around in the gym and I feel comfortable to ask them if I have questions.  They are all approachable.

Hayley was very supportive in the weight management class and encouraged attainable changes to food and exercise regimes.  I am very pleased that I have lost 6lbs in 12 weeks.  I have more energy and am more conscious of what I eat, especially snacks.

Everyone at Mercer Hall is friendly and that makes a big difference, i.e. I want to come to the gym and swimming classes.  I appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and the cross section of the community who attend the gym; it feels inclusive."