David S

26 April 2017

Life after Bypass surgery


David was referred to Healthy Lifestyles Team by the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team at Burnley General Hospital in October 2015 following a heart attack in May 2015 and three Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts inserted at Blackpool Victoria Hospital in June 2015. At David’s assessment his main goal was to improve his fitness and confidence to become more active. 

David chose to join the Cardiac Rehabilitation circuit and gym sessions at Padiham Leisure Centre where he made steady progress in working towards his goals. He attended two sessions per week for twelve weeks without missing one class which is a testament to David’s motivation and determination to achieve his goals. By week twelve David was using the gym independently and exercising several times a week as well as walking his dogs daily. At David’s reassessment we saw a clinically significant improvement in his functional capacity test. David completed two extra levels in his Chester Step Test before reaching 80% of his maximum heart. His resting heart rate had also reduced from 80bpm to 68bpm.

David says "The last twelve months have allowed me to see how fortunate we are to have such an excellent Health Service supported by many additional organisations. I wish to thank all the staff at the Padiham Leisure Centre for their excellent support during my recovery programme and for confirming that a healthy diet and physical activity are very important to a quality lifestyle. I now feel confident in my physical ability and have the self-belief that I can lead a normal life following Bypass Surgery."

David now continues to exercise regularly by attending the Padiham Heartsmart class every Monday and using the gym on a regular basis. He is always very keen to improve and is a brilliant role model to the other referrals within the group.