Dawn Tibbs C25K

06 January 2017

I started my Couch to 5K journey weighing 10st 4lb. I went to the first session and was made to feel very comfortable, the people who run C25K were friendly and encouraging, and I made lots of new friends. We did our 5K run in nine weeks and we were given lots of information on how we could keep running afterwards – the support didn't just end there.

 I decided to do parkrun on Saturday mornings and lots of the people I had already met were there offering support and cheering, it was a great feeling! I met many good, experienced runners here who were only too happy to share their thoughts on running or just chat over a coffee and biscuit afterwards.

 I will never forget my first race where Tracy and Zoe, two of the C25K volunteers, were stood there cheering – this meant a great deal to me and they made believe in myself. I decided to join Trawden AC and feel very lucky to be part of such a supportive group of people.

 I would like to thank Verity, the friendliest, happiest, supportive girl I know, David Farrar, Ashley Eastwood, Zoe Lockett, the girl who’s always got a smile and cuddles.

 I now weigh 8st 7lb and am happier and healthy, so thanks to Up and Active and Trawden AC.