Happy New Year

06 January 2017

New Year’s Resolution

There’s No Excuse. This January we are asking you to join us by making a New Year’s resolution to help improve the nation’s health.

Whether it’s cooking more healthily, avoiding snacks, or being a little more physically active, join the Up & Active team and enrol on one of our 12 week weight loss or exercise programmes.

We offer weekly sessions with a trained advisor who will help you to focus on your diet and lifestyle, looking at what you eat and how active you are, so give the team a call or log on to and

make your healthy New Year’s resolution now!


The Up and Active team are on a mission to show there’s no excuses for not getting more active and making 2017 a healthier year so why not check out our website for more ideas.

There are hundreds of activities to choose from in our Activity Search, from Aquarhythmics to Zumba; take a look and see what you can find to suit you in your local area.

There are lots of Events going on local too, so if you’d like to try something new, meet different people or find some motivation, then check out our Events page. 

If mobility is an issue for you and you think you’d struggle exercising in a gym or class, find out more about the Feelgood Factory.

How about taking up running?  A lot of people are interested but don’t know where to start – there are lots of Couch 2 5k sessions available and what’s more, they are completely free of charge.  You can build your fitness and confidence with a group of other non-runners.

Want to lose weight?  The Up and Active team offer Weight Management classes throughout East Lancashire.  Choose from 12 week structured classes to drop-in sessions which you can continue for as long as you like, we’ll be here to help you make the changes to your diet and lifestyle you need to lose weight.

Are you worried about your children not being active enough? Find out about how our Schools programme is working with children and their families.

Do you want to get more active at work?  Check out our Workplaces website for more information on our Workplace Programme.

How about volunteering?  Helping others to get more active is a great way to keep active yourself!  There are always volunteering opportunities available. 

Want to go it alone but need some more information?  Check out our Downloads area for extra information we’ve found to be useful.

And finally, if you can’t see how getting more active could help you, have a quick look through our Case Studies.  These are from real, local people we have worked with, some with existing medical  conditions and all of them with a great story to tell of how getting more active has made a world of difference to them.