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We recognize that many people would like to, or have been advised to, increase the level of exercise they do but due to mobility challenges, believe a gym is not for them. The Feel Good Factory is an exceptional facility that tells them, yes, you can join a gym and you can exercise.

Characterized by its friendly and supportive atmosphere, the FeelGood Factory at Pendle Leisure Centre provides a range of power-assisted machines that offer the right level of resistance for each client’s needs and capabilities. The equipment has been designed for use by anyone, regardless of age, mobility, weight or fitness level. It is perfect for clients recovering from stroke or heart surgery, those with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, ME, arthritis or back pain, or anyone with limited mobility due to weight.

Services include:

  • Trained staff available at all times
  • Free fitness assessment
  • Regular health checks
  • Free Nutritional advice

All members use the same equipment during a pre-defined, 30-minute circuit that exercises all the major muscle groups. Each machine targets specific parts of the body and reduces pressure on areas like the back with Pilates-style movements. Each member uses each piece of equipment in turn before moving onto the next. As the machines are power assisted, you work with them, not against them, as with conventional gym resistance machines. They can be used actively or passively, depending on your energy level and how much you want to get out of your session.

Managed by professional fitness experts, the FeelGood Factory is an inspirational place filled with sociable chat and laughter. Our members are aged from 16-87 and we offer both mixed and ladies’ only sessions.

Feelgood Membership

The FeelGood Factory at Pendle Leisure Centre is an outstanding facility aimed at people who are keen to exercise but find it challenging due to weight or mobility problems. Our range of power-assisted machines are designed for use by anyone, regardless of age, mobility, weight or fitness level.

FeelGood Factory membership packages offer great value for money, flexibility and choice, making your health and fitness goals both affordable and achievable.

Whether your goal is to reduce your blood pressure, lose weight or simply to get out and enjoy exercising in sociable surroundings, our FeelGood Factory instructors are there to help. They offer every member valuable and continued one-to-one advice to encourage regular participation in exercise, to achieve quick, safe and effective results and improve confidence levels.

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Benefits of FeelGood Factory membership

  • Access to the FeelGood Factory*
  • Access to Fitness Classes*
  • Access to swimming pool*
  • Water-based exercise classes*
  • Personal fitness programme
  • Regular fitness programme reviews
  • Free induction
  • 20% off a 2-hour Spa Experience at Inside Spa (coming soon)
  • 10% off treatments at Inside Spa (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, subject to availability)
  • 10% off selected shows at the Muni Theatre and ACE Centre
  • Free room hire for functions at the ACE and the Muni
  • 10% off food and drinks in the ACE Bistro
  • 20% off Urban Altitude
  • 10% off a round of golf at Marsden Park

* All these facilities/activities are available at Pendle Leisure Centre ONLY and are subject time restrictions and availability.


FeelGood Factory membership is available with a one-off annual payment or by monthly Direct Debit.

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