29 September 2016


Betty has been enjoying getting Up and Active for over 5 years now.  This is her story.

I started my journey to fitness five years ago by joining the Tai Chi class at Pendle Leisure Centre.  This I found a gentle entry to exercise, but five years on I get so much more out of Tai Chi.  Soon after, I joined the Feelgood Factory which helped me to strengthen my core which in turn helped to ease my 'bad back', lose inches and tone everything.  After attending a healthy eating class at Seedhill, I progressed to Fit for Ever and Up and Active classes.

From doing nothing really active five years ago, I now attend the sports centre five days a week and use the gym in the Fit for Ever class and play Badminton for an hour on Tuesdays and two hours on Thursdays (with a tea break!).

I have not lost weight, but I have not gained any weight either.  What I have gained is fitness, enjoyment, and lots of new friends.  I started at 66 years old and am now 71 and just wish I had started years ago.

Thanks to all the staff at Pendle Leisure for guiding me this far - long may we continue.