Liz H

29 October 2018

My name is Liz, I am 57 years of age and suffer from Macular degeneration and Type 1 Diabetes. I didn’t join the programme for those reasons – my goal was to lose weight, gain confidence and feel better about myself.  I’m partially sighted, I lost my mojo and I’m new to this area. 

My Practice nurse gave me details of the Up and Active service so I self-enrolled onto an Up and Active 12 week structured weight management workshop at the beginning of April. I was lacking in confidence and due to my eye condition I even found it difficult to operate the lockers in the changing rooms at first.  However, I attended easy aerobics on a Tuesday and walking on Friday mornings.

I’ve completed 12 weeks and I can now move without experiencing breathlessness and generally feel better about myself.  I used to live to eat but I’ve cut back and made small changes.  My weight reduced from 12 stone 11 pounds to 11 stone 3 pounds during this period, simply by reducing my portion size and unhealthy nibbles, which I’ve replaced by eating more fruit.  I also have the occasional take-a-way as a treat and not on a regular basis as I used to, and eat more chicken and fish.  Upon completion of the programme I was able to continue attending a free weekly ‘Weigh In’ which helped to keep me motivated to continue losing weight and achieve my goal - my son texts me every Friday to see how well I’ve done at the weigh-in. 

Six months since starting with Up and Active I achieved my goal and am pleased to report I have lost a total of 3 stone 4 pounds and weigh a healthy 9 stone 7 pounds.  I’ve gained in confidence and now walk into Burnley without the aid of my white stick; I look better and my family are chuffed and proud of me!

I found the healthy eating part of the health topics the most useful and as a result my diabetes has been much better controlled; I don’t need to inject as much insulin.  

My sleeping pattern has much improved, I have more energy because of losing weight and I find it easier to exercise and move more easily. I’m more motivated to be active and so I walk instead of catching the bus and I also walk the dog.

I’d definitely recommend the programme to others, if I can do it anyone can!  I now swim and attend an aerobic class and a free Weigh-In every week.  The support I have received from Up and Active has been excellent and with their support I am determined to maintain this weight loss.