22 November 2016

Bob, from Hyndburn, joined Up and Active in 2016 after suffering a heart attack.  He joined one of our cardiac rehab programmes and has been exercising with us ever since.  In his own words, Bob explains how he's found getting Up and Active has helped him recover and gain confidence.

Before starting the programme, I had low confidence in my physical abilities and recovery process.  The programme has given me the confidence to get more active.  I no longer worry that 'it will happen again'.  The staff are well trained and approachable - when it can take 3 or more weeks to get a GP appointment, it is helpful to know that there are qualified staff with whom I can talk.

Also, it's useful to compare notes with other people in similar situations.  We are able to discuss issues regarding medication, diet, lifestyle and that's helpful.  

The social aspect is also important to me, it's easy to give up on exercise programmes if you're not doing it alongside others.  In a strange way, there is a sort of group commitment to get well/better together.  It's all too easy to find excuses to give up when exercising alone.

Regular weighing is useful, again I find more encouragement to lose weight when I'm doing it alongside other people.  It's another good thing to share and get immediate feedback and support.

I would and have recommended the service to family members and friends, they appear to think the have to be directed by their GPs before they attend, but in fact they can just contact the team directly.

I would have liked to have had a similar programme available to me on retirement (at a reasonable cost), perhaps it could have helped to prevent me ending up suffering a caridac arrest.  In the long run, exercise programmes must be much cheaper than medication and/or medical intervention.