Maureen - Hyndburn

17 November 2017

Maureen joined Up and Active to help lose the weight she'd gained after retiring.  Read her story below.

Two years ago I retired from a very active seven days a week job and my whole lifestyle changed.  With a sense of freedom there is eventually a sense of boredom and so the pounds gradually crept on until I had gained 2 stones.  Clothes became tight and also a lot bigger size.  Carrying all the extra weight took its toll on me.  I became sluggish, a couch potato, my joints ached, enough was enough,  I needed to do something.  The Practice Nurse at the Doctors Surgery suggested I get on the “Up and Active Programme”.  Eventually I phoned up and made an appointment for my husband and me to meet Zuba at Mercer Hall Leisure Centre, I didn’t know what to expect (the only gym I had ever been to was full of slim athletic posers in designer leotards!)  We were met by Zuba who explained the programme, weighed and measured us then showed us round the gym.  We each filled in a questionnaire so that Zuba could decide which equipment was suitable for us.  There are lots of different machines that cater for all abilities and all ages.  To begin with, I used the exercise bike and the treadmill.  At first it was hard going but gradually I realised things were getting easier and it was time to step up my exercise.  I began to use the rowing machine, turn up the elevation and the speed on the treadmill and increase the level on the exercise bike.  Going to the gym is now part of the daily routine, I feel so much better for it, I’ve lost weight and inches, eat healthier food and have much more energy.  I feel a whole lot better about myself.  I’ve really enjoyed my trips to the gym, I’ve met old and new faces, I’ve also been swimming.

I’m so glad I joined the Up and Active programme.  It’s the best £30 I’ve spent for a long time.  The staff at the centre are so friendly and helpful.  The gym has a relaxed atmosphere, is clean and friendly.  Everyone progresses at their own speed and ability, with help available if needed.  I’ve already recommended Up and Active to friends and have enjoyed it so much I now have a full gym membership.

Thanks Up and Active Team!