Faye - Burnley

27 July 2018

Faye wanted to lose weight and become more active after having a baby.  Here she tells us about how she did just that - with the help of Up and Active.

I joined Up and Active when my baby was 9 weeks old in an effort to lose my baby weight, I also wanted to become more active and have a healthier lifestyle. I started on 9th May by attending buggy bootcamp, the Rowley Lake walk with my pram, the gym and swimming each week.

More active

My fitness has gradually improved; I could swim 18 lengths in 30 minutes when I first started the programme and can now swim over 30 lengths in 30 minutes. I am not as tired when I've finished a swim where as I felt exhausted when I first started!  I can say that I now enjoy exercise and have incorporated it into my daily routine.  Exercise is easier; I am also able walk for approximately 2 hours. 

Dietary changes

Becoming more active has helped my husband also, he is focusing on leading a healthier lifestyle by ensuring healthier food choices are made for meals; meal planning, preparing meals. My diet has completely changed, I prepare every meal with fresh products rather than processed foods, I eat a lot more fruit and vegetables, less junk food and have the occasional biscuit, compared to the two packets a week I ate before joining Up and Active!  

Staying motivated with friends and family

I have encouraged my mum and friend to attend the gym and my mother-in-law has joined me on the Rowley Lake walks, which helps to keep each other motivated.

Weight loss @ 6 months

I used to hate dressing up and getting ready for an event, I’m much more happy and confident now that I’ve  lost 12.5kg in weight over the last 6 six months.  I continue to attend a free Up and Active Weigh In each week with motivational advice and support, which helps me to keep on track.