Fiona & David

04 July 2017

My name is Fiona, I was awoken by pains one morning and rushed to Blackpool Hospital in an ambulance.  I was in total shock and didn’t know at the time what was happening to me.  A pain in my arm had woken me and was followed by pain in my jaw.  It was September 2016 and at just 46 years old with no prior indication or warnings, I was experiencing what the hospital told me later was a heart attack, and as a result had to have surgery and 2 stents fitted.


Recovery hasn’t been straightforward; I suffered side effects from medication which slowed down everything from starting cardiac rehabilitation to returning to work.  My partner first and foremost has supported me throughout he has been absolutely fantastic as well as the doctors and hospital consultants, together with the cardiac rehabilitation team at Burnley General.


Eventually the hospital could refer me to the Up & Active 12 week Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme at St Peter’s which was informative and supportive, with useful information for better wellbeing from both a physical and mental point of view. I can’t stress how absolutely invaluable it has been to help my recovery.  I have been able to start exercising and built my confidence with supervision from Kirsty, who provided reassurance on what I am able to do.  The information she has given me has been invaluable in helping me to recover and make the necessary lifestyle changes to lead a healthier lifestyle. It was great also to meet other people that are in the same/similar situation.


Behaviour change/Weight Loss

After cardiac rehabilitation I enrolled on the continuation Up & Active 12 week Weight Management programme on 16th March.  I am using the gym twice a week and attending a circuit session to continue the exercise activity I started on cardiac rehabilitation.  I have increased my activity levels by 90% since my heart attack and have lost over 5stone in weight over the eight months since September.


 My recovery has been tough with suffering side effects and hospital visits because of this; not being able to fully concentrate on recovery without interruptions.  I am gradually coming to terms with what happened and slowly building up my confidence with small steps, and beginning to feel healthier and enjoying getting fitter.  Being back at work full-time is challenging; juggling to fit in the classes in an evening and weekends. However, my aim is to lose more weight and reduce my BMI further to enable my partner and I to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. 


My partner David managed to lose 2 stone in weight on his own, however, he still needed to lose more weight and enrolled on the Men’s Up & Active Weight Management programme in January weighing just over 21 stone. Through the weekly weigh-in sessions and talks on healthy eating and weight loss he gained a greater knowledge of healthier living and lost a further 3 ½ stone by the  end of the 12 week programme.  With this knowledge and continued support he has lost a total of 6 ½ stone in 6 months, reducing his BMI to a much healthier 29.

Quote from David “I’m now more active with regular exercise being at the forefront of both mine and Fiona’s daily lives.  I feel better, am getting fitter, stronger and am more alert! I have taken out a full leisure membership at the St Peter’s Centre and Fiona and I are looking forward to doing the ‘Couch to 5k’ over the coming weeks, which is something we would have never even considered previously. I can’t say enough for what this course has done for my health and wellbeing and I will always support the Up & Active Team when and where possible”.