Carole B

29 October 2018

I am 76 years old and have asthma and high blood pressure.  I had never exercised properly before joining Up and Active to get fit and healthy. I started swimming, chair based exercise and a Fit and Functional circuit. 

I started my Up and Active programme six months ago and have been coming every week since.  Within a month I had improved from doing no exercise at all to averaging between 4 – 5 hours each week.  On my first week I weighed 91kg and 6 months later my weight is 87kg. I have most definitely benefitted from this weight management and exercise regime, and my doctor’s health check has proved that!

Before joining Up and Active every time I had my blood pressure checked by my GP I had to go back 2 or 3 times because my blood pressure was always high and I had to use my salbutomol inhaler 4 to 5 times a day.  The last time I went to the doctor’s my blood pressure was normal and although I still carry my salbutamol inhaler I don’t need to use it.  My GP has recently prescribed a spin cap that I use once in a morning and once at night.

I’m more confident too now that I have fewer problems due to my asthma.  I could never walk any distance before but I can now and my family don’t worry about me as much.  I catch the bus from Worsthorne to Tesco at Pike Hill and walk from there into Burnley town centre – it takes me about 35 minutes. I attend an Up and Active Walk around Rowley each week and even the hilly parts aren’t a problem with a little determination and a friendly arm from one of the walkers to link up with.

I’ve already recommended Up and Active to other people, I met a lady on the bus who was having problems after a knee joint replacement operation, she thought she’d never manage to do chair based exercise but she’s completed 12 weeks and we attend the class together each week.  I’ve met a new circle of friends on the programme.

Carole has volunteered to be an ambassador for Up and Active and will support the team by talking to people about her journey on how she improved her health and wellbeing at future community events.

Quote – Up and Active instructor

“When Carole first started exercising on the Up and Active programme she was extremely breathless, however, through doing a thorough warm-up and building up slowly, her asthma is better controlled and she is able to exercise comfortably for an hour. Carole is an inspiration to anyone over the age of 70 who thinks they are too old to exercise.”