26 April 2017

Salim contacted the Up and Active team after being given an Up & Active leaflet during a visit to his GP for symptoms of feeling tired all the time.  Over 12 weeks he lost over 2 stones in weight with the help of the Up and Active Team.

Salim works long hours in a busy office and classed himself as leading a sedentary lifestyle.  Although he had wanted to make changes, he had struggled to find the motivation to do so. As a result of his work life balance Salim had begun eating processed and fast foods for convenience and upon reflection admits that eating fast food almost became an addition. Salim attended a mixed weight management group, feeling he needed guidance and support, but also to confirm that what he knew about healthy eating and weight loss was correct. 

Salim had previously led an active lifestyle; he really enjoyed running and boxing, attending both activities most days of the week.  However, he gave up these activities a few years ago due to unforeseen circumstances. At the start of the programme Salim started with gentle jogging, building up to 20 minutes a few times a week and gradually increased the duration and intensity each week. By week 12 of the programme Salim had pleasingly built up his fitness to running 50 minutes five times a week.

Salim says that attending the programme sparked his motivation to get back on track and that he has also learnt about healthy eating and nutrition, and how to lose and maintain weight loss long-term.

Salim also states that he is sleeping better, is more confident in himself, he no longer feels tired during the day and his concentration levels have significantly improved. Salim has had extremely positive comments from friends and is happy to share his weight loss journey with others.  

Salim’s family have also made positive changes to their diet and are eating much healthier. Salim remarks he has been amazed by how many healthy swaps they have made which he thought they would never do. 

Salim is continuing to make positive changes to achieve his overall weight loss goal of 11st and to take up boxing again. 

"Coming on the programme has been the difference between getting back in to exercise or just staying as I was.  If I hadn’t come on the course I would never have got back on track and be leading a healthier lifestyle."