David & Fiona - Follow up

05 February 2018

We first heard from Fiona and David in July 2017 when they told us how Up and Active helped after Fiona's heart attack.  Here we find out how they've been getting on.

I have had no medical issues in the past, however, my cholesterol levels were raised and I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  I was inactive and therefore decided to join Up and Active after the shock of my partner suffering a heart attack in 2016 at the age of 46.

Fiona’s heart attack was in September 2016 and we began to look at our lifestyle and consider foods, exercise and our general wellbeing. Prior to starting the 12 week Up & Active Men’s Only Weight Management course in January 2017 I had lost 2 stone in weight.  At this time Fiona was attending the Up & Active Cardiac Rehab programme so we continued to make dietary changes learnt from the programme together. 

With support from the tutor, Mark, I began to gradually increase my activity levels and with continued support and motivation I continue to attend a weekly Weigh-In and circuit class, and am proud to say I still use the gym 3 times a week. With the knowledge and experience of Mark and the Up & Active Team I have been encouraged and motivated to believe that I can lose weight, get fitter and become healthier.

Eleven month weight loss - Health benefits (January – December 2017)

Through the weekly weigh-in sessions and talks on healthy eating and weight loss I have gained a greater knowledge of healthier living.  With this knowledge and continued support I have lost a further 4½ stone in weight, totalling 6 ½ stone weight loss, pleasingly reducing my weight to 14 stone 4 pounds (90.71kg), a total of 32.2% weight loss, reducing my BMI to a healthy 27! I was recently recalled to have my bloods checked by my practice nurse and am pleased to report the results came back normal, including the cholesterol level, and thankfully I am no longer classed as being pre-diabetic.

I’m now more active with regular exercise being at the forefront of both mine and Fiona’s daily lives.  I feel better, am getting fitter, stronger and am more alert! I have taken out a full leisure membership at the St Peter’s Centre. I would most definitely recommend Up & Active to others.  That says it all, I was vastly over weight and still need to lose more weight, but so far I have lost over six and a half stone!  

Quote from David “The Up and Active course gives you the belief that with help and support you can achieve this. You must keep up the hard work after the course, but the fact that you can then get a full leisure membership at a subsidized rate and continue to be involved with the free Up & Active Weigh In’s, helps you to stay motivated to continue losing weight. I can’t say enough for what this course has done for my health and wellbeing and I will always support the Up & Active Team when and where possible”.