23 December 2016

Chris from Rossendale joined Up and Active after struggling to control his blood sugar levels.

Medical History - 

Cardiac – 4 stents fitted to 2 different arteries 3 years ago

Both knees replaced


Chris retired from roof contracting 3 ½ years ago and found that he became totally inactive.  This change in pace in addition to his poor eating habits led to both his blood sugars and weight increasing.  Chris was given Metformin by his G.P in hope to reduce his blood sugars.  When this was still not enough to control it, the discussion of being put onto Insulin arose.  Chris’s G.P suggested the ‘Up and Active’ programme, thinking exercise and some dietary assistance may help.  Chris Joined the ‘Up and Active’ Targeted Physical Activity scheme and was signposted to the gym as his regular weekly session.  Chris decided to take the £30 package that enabled him to attend multiple activity sessions during the week during his 12 week programme.

Chris started in July 2016 and attended every week.  He also chose to attend the Structured Weight Management sessions on a Wednesday at Marl Pits, allowing him to get a weekly weigh in and lots of healthy eating advice and information.  He also used the gym after this session.  Towards the end of his 12 week programme, Chris added a Friday gym session to his week, resulting in him exercising in the gym 3 times a week.

Since completing his 12 week programme, Chris has joined the facilities as a full Leisure member.  He still attends 3 times a week and keeps in touch with the ‘Up and Active’ instructors.

At Chris’s worst point, before attending the ‘Up and Active’ scheme, his blood sugars were 13.5-14 in the morning and reaching up to 25 in middle of the day.  Now, without the use of Insulin, Chris’s blood sugars are 5-6 in the morning reaching a maximum of 9 in the middle of the day.

Chris’s weight has reduced from 15,9 ½  to 13,8 reducing his BMI by 4.5

In Chris’s words, the ‘Up and Active’ scheme has had an amazing impact on my life.  He feels fitter, feels better and has more energy.  He feels the key points for him were, getting back into an active routine and portion control with his eating habits.   Chris comments that the education sessions really opened his eyes and making changes to his portion sizes helped massively with his weight loss.  He is also helping other family members control their weight by passing on healthy eating advice he has received during sessions.

Chris would absolutely recommend the scheme to others, especially anyone in the same situation he was in, needing to reduce his weight and blood sugar levels. 

Chris praised the ‘Up and Active’ Team and was very pleased with the support he received from his instructors.