Cardiac Rehab sparks new friendships

03 October 2017

Paul, Michael, Peter and Graham

A group of Up and Active Cardiac Rehabilitation clients aged between 56 to 66 are now great friends and all agreed they would definitely recommend the service.  Paul commented, “It was initially the confidence to exercise under supervision and find my limits that helped me the most” As a result of exercising under the supervision of the Up and Active Cardiac Rehabilitation Practitioner Paul has managed to improve his fitness levels since undergoing surgery as a result of suffering a heart attack.  This has given him a boost and helped him to incorporate exercise and the gym into his routine.

Michael feels the course was both helpful and enjoyable and Peter acknowledged to feeling fitter than he had been for years; he has a better sleep pattern and also feels improved mentally.  Graham mentioned that he is more aware of eating healthily and has improved his diet.  He remarks the Circuit is at your own pace and there is encouragement from the whole group, not just from the tutor.

 All of the group have joined St Peter’s Leisure Centre in order to maintain their newly found active lifestyle and benefit from the social aspect of the programme by continuing their friendships.